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Welcome to my personal web page. Who am I? Well, my name is William Roy Penning, and I am one of the more than seven billion human beings inhabiting planet Earth these days. Here you will find some of the things that distinguish me from the rest of you: what I do, what I believe, what I enjoy and what I think.

You may be wondering, why “Billiard”? Well, nicknames are a part of life. In my years I have received probably more than my fair share, but I'm not complaining. And when I consider all of the various handles that have been stuck on me, "Billiard" remains one of my favorites.

So in answer to “Why ‘Billiard’?”: Why not!

Please read “The Need for a Third Great Awakening

This is an important message for all Christians

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Site Overview

This is the page that you are reading right now. Here, you can find a brief synopsis of each of the principal pages on this site, as well as links to take you to them, in addition to the menu at the top.

About Billiard

Where was I born? Where did I grow up? Where do I live? (Where have all the flowers gone?) This page will (hopefully!) give you the answers to these and more questions about me and my life.

Image Gallery

No personal web site would be complete without photos of the person him or herself. I am no exception. On this page you will find a collection of various photos of me.

Current Billiard

This page gives current information about where I am living and what I am doing. It also contains detailed contact information.


Billiard's Work

Since 1992 I have spent most of my time in Brazil, a member of Wycliffe Bible Translators working as a computer consultant for SIL International in that country. What is this all about? I try to explain some of that on this page.

Wycliffe and SIL

These are a pair of organizations, each with its own function, but sharing a common goal. What are they all about? How did they get started? Here, I try to answer some of these questions.

Billiard and Computers

I grew up during the Computer Age, witnessing the birth of the PC and everything else that came along with it. How did I get into computers? What is an “operating system”? What role do computers play in my life?

About Brazil

Brazil is a huge country. I have spent most of my time living and working in it since the early '90's. I have included just a bit here about the history, people and language.

A Three-Fold Challenge

Reaching the world for Christ is not just the job of pastors and others of us who work in full-time ministry. All believers are called to be a part. Here is a challenge for those of you who follow our Lord Jesus as His disciples.


Life, the Universe and Everything

Throughout history, people have sought the answers to age-old questions such as, Where did I come from? Why am I here? And most importantly, Where am I going? Here, I give you the answers that I found in my life.

The World According to Billiard

How a person views the Great Questions in life—the issues discussed in the previous section—will affect how he or she views the world we live in. I am no different than anyone else, and here you can see my perspective on things.

The Need for a Third Great Awakening

There is a great darkness looming over America—and the entire world. Only a Church energized by the power of the Holy Spirit can fight it. This is a message that all believers need to hear.


The Cosmos

Looking up at the sky, it is easy to be amazed at all the things that are out there. Stars, planets, moons, asteroids, galaxies and much more. Here is a brief look at just the tiniest corner of the vast heavenly realms.

Science Fiction

I have always enjoyed reading and watching Science Fiction, probably because of its strong connection to the subject of the previous section. So it's really no surprise that I've also tried my hand at writing some. Here I discuss Sci-Fi in general, and present some of my own work; short stories that you can read for free, and links to a full-length novel for sale on


One of my greatest pleasures in life is just putting my tent, sleeping bag and cooking gear in my car and hitting the road. This page describes my travel habits, as well as providing a number of trip reports from journeys I have made.

Just for Fun

Here is a collection of jokes, anecdotes, and whatever else I can come up with, collected and made available for your entertainment. Enjoy!

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