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Someone once told me that they liked my site, but that I did not include enough pictures of myself! Even though I am not one to dive for cover whenever a camera comes out, the truth is that I really never felt impelled to scatter my mug all over the Internet, or even all over my site. However, in order to satisfy the wishes of those who asked, when I redesigned this site, I decided to add this section.

In keeping with my desire not to duplicate resources, I have not included in this gallery any of the (few!) photos of myself that you will find in my various trip reports. These are just various images that I have acquired over the years.

I hope that they don't end up breaking your monitor!

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At Home and with Friends

Here are a couple of pictures of Billiard, at home and over visiting friends.

At Home in Front of Computer

Billiard at Home Sitting in Front of Computer

Explaining Something to Friends

Billiard Explaining Something to Friends

At Church

Here is a picture of Billiard giving a talk at a church meeting.

Billiard Speaking at Church

Billiard Speaking at Church Meeting in Tucson

Billiard in the Outdoors

Here are a couple of pictures of Billiard in his natural environment—the Great Outdoors—that did not make it into any trip reports or other pages.

Billiard Sitting in Desert

Billiard Sitting in the Desert

Billiard Sitting out on Hike

Billiard Sitting while Out on a Hike

Billiard near Falls near Corumbá

Billiard on a sightseeing trip near some waterfalls

Billiard in the Park

At times, Billiard gets together with friends and goes out to enjoy himself. Here are a couple of pictures of him in a city park.

Billiard on Bridge in Park

Billiard on a Bridge in a Park in Anápolis

Billiard Sitting in Park

Billiard Sitting in Front of a Lake in a Park in Anápolis

Billiard by a Tree in Park

Billiard by a Tree in a Park in Anápolis

Billiard Having Fun

Here are a few pictures of Billiard relaxing or having fun.

Billiard Sitting on Bike

Billiard Sitting on his Bicycle in Cuiabá

Billiard Stuffing His Face

Billiard Stuffing his Face at an Office Pot Luck

Billiard Putting Computer in Fridge

Billiard Putting an Overheated Computer in the Refrigerator

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