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Hillary Hath Spoken: Change Your Beliefs!

Free media have always presented a problem for liberal Democrats. Despite their love affair both with technology and with the fawning media that has helped keep them in power, it does not take much to earn their ire. The typical Democrat expects, as his or her right as a member of the lib elite, to be served up only softball questions from a sympathetic media. Such Democrats are quite comfortable manipulating both popular culture and the infotainment news cycle to spread, unquestioned and without criticism, their liberal propaganda.

The existence of a single dissenting voice is something the libs cannot abide; the temerity with which a single reporter might dare challenge a liberal for any reason drives them to heights of rage. This is behind every attempt by the left to clamp down on free speech or, more accurately, free speech that does not favor them…

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LGBT Equality? No, It’s Really Supremacy

Americans should be outraged that homosexual activists are now working diligently through lavishly funded campaigns to wipe out First Amendment religious rights for Christians and other people of faith.

And free-speech rights and freedom of assembly? If anyone challenges the “LGBT” agenda, the sexual anarchists have a plan to wipe out those constitutional freedoms, too.

The Human Rights Campaign, GLAAD, GetEqual, Arcus Foundation (now run by former GLSEN president and Obama “safe schools czar” Kevin Jennings) and others are on board. They join the leftist media as a unified force deploying robotic talking points, calling First Amendment religious freedom, including RFRA bills, a “license to discriminate.”

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What ISIS Really Wants

What is the Islamic State?

Where did it come from, and what are its intentions? The simplicity of these questions can be deceiving, and few Western leaders seem to know the answers. In December, The New York Times published confidential comments by Major General Michael K. Nagata, the Special Operations commander for the United States in the Middle East, admitting that he had hardly begun figuring out the Islamic State’s appeal. “We have not defeated the idea,” he said. “We do not even understand the idea.” In the past year, President Obama has referred to the Islamic State, variously, as “not Islamic” and as al-Qaeda’s “jayvee team,” statements that reflected confusion about the group, and may have contributed to significant strategic errors.

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Global warming? Only the data is heated

WASHINGTON – Skeptics of man-made catastrophic climate change of the kind pimped by Al Gore have been ridiculed, scoffed at and dismissed sneeringly as “deniers.”

For years, anyone in public life who expressed doubts about the apocalyptic claims of governments, the scientific establishment and the lemming-like popular culture was treated like a card-carrying member of the Flat-Earth Society.

Worse yet, dissident scientists were categorically denied the ability to publish in scientific journals, let alone get government grants for research.

Yet the doubts have persisted…

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